Maven Accepted into SBA 8(a) Program

Maven’s participation in the 8(a) Business Development Program will provide expanded opportunities in the Federal markets to provide construction services, including renovation, new construction, design/build, and abatement services for the Department of Defense, U.S. Government, and Industrial clients.

“Maven is very excited to be working with the SBA to explore further opportunities in Government contracting,” said Kathy Parsons, Maven’s Chief Executive Officer/Managing Member. “Since we began, Maven has worked tirelessly to develop an excellent reputation with Department of Defense clients. Inclusion in the 8(a) Business Development program is the stepping stone we need to continue establishing long-term relationships with our Government customers and other prime partners."

The 8(a) Business Development program assists small, disadvantaged businesses in gaining access to Government contracting. Applicants undergo a rigorous review process to ensure that they meet the standards for 8(a) certification. Once accepted, 8(a) firms have nine years in the program - a 4-year developmental stage and 5-year transition stage – during which 8(a) participants are subject to annual reviews and systematic evaluation from the SBA district office. Thus, Maven’s 8(a) certification will expire in September 2024.

In addition to having access to business development tools and training through the SBA, 8(a) firms are eligible to compete for billions of dollars of “set aside” contracts which are competed among 8(a) firms only; there are also “sole source” opportunities, in which an 8(a) company may be asked to provide a price-reasonable proposal for contract award up to $4 Million for services and construction, without having to compete directly with other companies. In addition, a certified 8(a) is much more visible to major government prime contractors who have either legislated or self-imposed goals regarding the percentage of work that must be subcontracted to small and disadvantaged firms. According to, in 2015, the Department of Defense alone awarded over $487.4M to 8(a) certified construction companies.

“Maven has been preparing for the possibility of 8(a) certification over the past several years,” Parsons continued. “We’ve developed the capability to mobilize nationwide; we have a fully staffed southeast regional office in Jacksonville, Florida in addition to our Odon, Indiana headquarters; we’ve established back-office infrastructure to support our operations; and we’ve focused on hiring talented, dedicated professionals who uphold Maven’s vision as a proven leader in the industry. As an 8(a) company, Maven will be able to expand our client base and grow our service lines."

Maven is a General Contractor with strong self-performance capabilities, providing services such as roof repair/replacement; Pre Engineered Metal Building installation; facility maintenance and repair; system restoration and installation for Electrical, Lightning Protection, and HVAC; civil/site/horizontal construction; and demolition and environmental services.