Construct OTA Storage Building

  • As Prime Contractor, Maven provided management, labor, and overall design coordination for this Design/Build project under the expiring Minor Construction MAC at NSA Crane to construct a new 960 SF PEMB at OTA Building, NSA Crane, IN.
  • The new building featured vertically poured-in-place concrete foundations and footing columns with a reinforced 5” concrete slab-on-grade, standing seam metal roof with gutters and downspouts, exterior hollow metal heavy duty galvanized doors, and two overhead roll-up doors.
  • Following removal of existing asphalt paving, Maven excavated 128 LF around the building footprint and placed 4,000 psi concrete footings reinforced with two rows of continuous #5 rebar.
  • Maven then formed and placed six 4’x4’ concrete pier columns using vertically placed #6 rebar with three #3 rebar cages on each pier. Maven utilized a cam-lock forming system with wall-ties as required. 12” thick x 3’ tall grade beams reinforced with three rows of #5 rebar were then formed atop the footings.
  • Maven then placed plywood anchor bolt templates on top of the piers; each pier received four 3/4”x2’6” anchor bolts and #5 rebar hairpins at 45 degree tied-in to the back of the piers and extended into the slab 6’ on each side. Finally, Maven placed the 4,000 psi concrete slab at 5” thick with 6 mil poly and 6”x6”x2.9 wire welded fabric. The slab was finished to a Floor Flatness Level of 35 and a Floor Level of 25.
  • The new PEMB was grounded at the base of the four columns in girdle-type connections with #1/0 bare copper wire and featured a 200 amp, 120/208V, 3-phase panel board supplying a complete interior electrical system with GFCI outlets and a lighting system featuring interior high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures equipped with dual technology occupancy detection to minimize energy consumption and exterior LED fixtures equipped with motion detection.
  • Maven also performed underground utility work including placement of a waterline and installation of a hydrant.