Design/Build Demolish Buildings

  • Demolition featuring excavation, interior work including remodeling and interior modifications, demolition, landscaping
  • Abatement and safe disposal of 23,040 SF transite siding, 336 SF of asbestos-containing roof vent flashing, 44,759 SF of asbestos-containing floor tile and mastic, 3,861 SF of asbestos-containing carpet mastic, 44 asbestos-containing gaskets, 47 LF of asbestos-containing pipe insulation, 60 SF of asbestos-containing boiler mastic, and asbestos-containing underground duct insulation
  • Safe disposal of universal and hazardous wastes such as light ballasts, light bulbs, exit signs, smoke detectors, batteries, thermostats, transformers, and Freon and refrigerants
  • Site restoration following demolition activities, including backfilling, grading, seeding and mulching
  • Provision of GIS locations of utilities and as-built drawings depicting finished site topography
  • Exceeded end client recycling goal of 50%